Review — “St. Michael the Archangel” Statue

   I have recently purchased a statue of the Archangel Michael by Design Toscano from Amazon UK. The statue is sculpted in bonded natural marble, weighs about 1kgs and stands at 15 inches from base to wing-tip.

   To call this statue beautiful would be an injustice. The level of detail, fantastic anatomy, smooth finish, and the general aesthetic give this piece a truly artistic, almost museum quality look.

   There are three things in life I am obsessed over: Dragons, Elves and Angels. Major fantasy geek over here. Thus, I’ve seen a fair share of little statues and figurines of the Archangel Michael and I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection. But this piece… This piece tops them all!

   Just look at those angelic features with the beautifully sculpted locks, somehow managing to be gentle and strong at the same time:

   The detail on the wings alone is mind-blowing, with each feather sculpted with minute detail.


   The armour too, has gorgeous detail work on it, as does Satan at Michael’s feet.

   Another thing this sculpture gets right is the dynamic pose. It just flows so well.

   Most of the sculptures of the Archangel Michael are based on Guido Reni’s painting “The Archangel Michael defeating Satan“, but few statues have managed to capture the sense of strength, grace and beauty that his painting so masterfully represents.

   This statue nailed it.


   A truly magnificent piece of work!

   I’d highly recommend it to anyone, who is looking for a beautiful statue of the Archangel Michael to adorn their living room, or office.

   You can find the statue for sale here on


2 thoughts on “Review — “St. Michael the Archangel” Statue

    1. I also have the one with the scales and the souls. I LOVE it, and will be reviewing it in great detail later this month. 😀

      I do not have the one with the shield, but I will probably purchase it sometime in the future. Just love beautiful crafter statues of Angels, especially those of Michael.

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