Making of — Castiel, Michael and Lucifer — Supernatural Portraits

My favourite trio of angels from Supernatural: Castiel, Michael and Lucifer.


   With the new season of Supernatural started, I just had to draw a quick fanart for it. I am so delighted that Mark Pellegrino has been back since Season 12 in his role as Lucifer, for he truly is the best portrayal of Lucifer, ever! And of course, I am over the moon that Cass is back too. I don’t think I could watch Supernatural any more without Castiel in it. He is just as essential as Sam and Dean are.

   I love the new Michael as well in Season 13, as played by Christian Keyes (very badass), but to me Michael will always be Jake Able. I’m still hoping to see Adam!Michael again on the show… Still hoping…

   Here’s the usual animated progress GIF for this painting, from start to finish:


   As mentioned above, this was supposed to be only a quick piece, for I sadly don’t have the time for more, which is the reason why it’s only a portrait of my three favourite angels rather than anything more complex.

   I started this piece out with balance in mind, arranging the three portraits in a way that will not tip the ‘weight‘ of the painting one way or another. Triangles are always great for this, which is why I planned the arrangement in a way in which the three heads form a wide triangle. The Rule of Thirds was used to make sure the image isn’t unbalanced and has a good focus on both sides.

   I took a few screenshots of my Blu-ray DVD’s of the characters, and using them as reference, started sketching.


   With the rough sketches done, I drew a clean sketch over it, after which I added some ‘accents’, which are darker lines, just to accentuate the shape and curvature, thus making the line art more appealing.


   Base colour comes next for the background, followed by a rough colour base for the first portrait; that of Lucifer. Then comes detailing the face. The reason why I do not first lay down the rough colours for all the portraits, is because too many blobs of colour are distracting to me. I always focus on one face first, get it right, then move on to the next.

   Once Lucifer’s face is acceptable, though far from finished, I move on to roughly painting out Castiel’s face, followed by detailing it, as I did with Lucifer. Then, once more, rough base colour on Michael’s face, and detailing again.


   With all three faces at an acceptable stage, I start focusing and truly achieving a likeness to the actors. Or at least, as close as I possibly can get it. This means a lot of flipping the image horizontally, to ‘refresh‘ my eyes, and a lot of minute detail work, until I feel I’ve gotten as close as I can manage, whilst still keeping this rougher, painting effect.

   When doing portraits of real people, I have a strong tendency to make everything too smooth. This was something I was trying to avoid here, seeing as I originally wanted a painter-ish effect to the whole piece, which meant the rougher brush strokes needed to be preserved.

   At this stage I also start work and finalize their hair and clothing, as well as add more detailed splashes to the background, and small paint splatters to the whole image as decoration.


   Lastly, I adjust the colours a bit using Curves, Levels, Selective Color, and my favourite Photoshop filter, Camera Raw.


And that’s about it really. 🙂

Here are some close-ups of each portrait:










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