Angel Wings — Lucifer, Michael and Raphael

These three are part of my original story.

   I’ve drawn all three a couple of times in the past and will probably draw them more in the near future, as I slowly start work on my script, but before all that, I’ve decided to revamp the wings. Previously, I drew them in a less realistic, more ‘convenient‘ fantasy style in what concerned the arrangement of the feathers. But I felt I could no longer tolerate the inaccurate design.

   The story —once I’ll actually have the time to draw it— will be a fantasy manga/comic style, which allows for a lot of artistic interpretation, but I like to be as accurate as my current abilities allow, when it comes to anatomy.

   So this image is a representation of the new way I’ll be drawing their wings.


   Below you will find the making of progress GIF, and a couple of closes-ups of each of the characters; Lucifer, Michael and Raphael:




2 thoughts on “Angel Wings — Lucifer, Michael and Raphael

  1. I have see a lot of interpretation for people with wing. It’s hard to imagine and the wing take a lot of place. I like the way you design it. Not too much. Is there is a link between the color of the wing and the angel (like symbol or skill) ? or it’s just random ?

    1. Thank you very much! I am glad you like the way I am drawing the wings here. 🙂 As for your question; no, the colour of their wings has no special significance. They are born with it, like the colour of their hair. The angels, in my story are just a race. An extremely powerful race, but just an ordinary race, with political and economical classes, and a society ruled by law. 🙂

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