Review — MasterMind Creations KULTUR R-18 (IDW Tarn)

    My first contact with Transformers was in the 1980’s through the UK Marvel comics, followed by the cartoon aired on Sky One. I knew then that I’ve found a story and characters I’d love for life. Through the years I watched all the cartoons and read the multiple comic book iterations, but none (including Marvel) have ever come close to the masterpiece that is IDW’s take on Transformers.

    IDW’s Transformers has a fantastic plot, fabulous characters, great humour and gorgeous art.

    One of their original characters that immediately jumped out at me was Tarn, leader of the Deception Justice Division (DJD).

    He is featured most proeminently in the More than Meets the Eye series, which now is retitled as Lost Light.

    Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, Hasbro doesn’t pay much attention to the Lost Light crew, and thus, there are few toys available that are based off of this comic book series. Thankfully, this gap is being filled by the third-party manufacturers, like MasterMind Creations who created this absolutely gorgeous figure of Kultur (aka. IDW’s Tarn):


    Kultur comes in a deceptively small box. This is due to the fact that he is shipped in his vehicle mode, which is more compact than his considerably larger robot mode.

    He comes packaged with a short comic book, which also doubles as an instruction manual, and a collector’s card.

    His vehicle, or tank mode is extremely accurate to how it is depicted in the comic books. The tank has a lot of beautiful detailing highlighted by the fantastic paintjob on it.


    The transformation of this figure was a joy. It is simple yet very satisfying. It’s one of those transformations which I gleefully do multiple times, just because it’s so much fun.

    Kultur in his robot mode has an elegant design, and I can’t stress enough what a wonderful job MasterMind Creations has done with this figure’s resemblance to the source material. This IS Tarn. This figure oozes the vibe of Tarn from every nook and cranny. I just love it so!

    Despite its bulkiness, Kultur is very posable with good articulation to most of his joins. The only bit that can get in the way are his double fusion canons, but this is a tiny issue.

    The mask can also be removed, which was a really lovely touch.

    Kultur is a pretty large figure measuring at 8” or (20.3cm). Here is a comparison between him, MP Ratchet, and Leader Class Thundercracker.


   I am really happy with this figure. It’s so well made, with nice strong joints, good articulation and, best of all, great resemblance to the actual character from the comics.

   One thing I mildly dislike in the official Hasbro figures, is that you can often see unsightly parts of the mould. For example you can see this on the back of Thundercracker’s wing in the above image.

   It’s not terrible, and I love these toys as well, but I noticed that Third party manufacturers do their best to hide such flaws, making their figures appear more believable and less plastic toy looking. Kultur is a perfect example of this. All sleek smooth surfaces, with the ugly bits hidden away.


   A truly fantastic work by MasterMind Creations, and I’d highly recommend this figure to anyone who loves IDW comics or Tarn. It’s a beautiful piece to have in your collection.


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