Review — MasterMind Creations CYNICUS R-12 (IDW Vos)

     Another Transformers toy review, and again from Master Mind Creations.

    Cynicus is based on Vos, another member of the Decepticon Justice Devision, from IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light comic book series.

    Vos is a creepy little con, who transformers into an awesome sniper-rifle, speaks only in Primal Vernacular and having a habit —or rather, hobby— of making others ‘wear his face’.

     In his rifle mode he is mostly wielded by other members of the DJD, but there is one panel showing him wielded by Megatron himself at some point during the war.

     As with all of their toys, MasterMind Creations have done an outstanding job on Cynicus! Beautiful detailing, great paint job, fun transformation and, above all, faithful representation of the comic book character.


    One thing stands out about this character far above all other Transformers toys that I possess: it is, by far, the most posable TF toy I’ve ever come across. It’s mind blowing how many poses I could achieve with it, and how easy it is to pose him. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    As with Tarn, he comes packaged in a lovely box, containing a short comic doubling as an instruction booklet, as well as, a collector’s card.

     When I first transformed him, I was surprise by how large his rifle-mode was. Usually, when transforming robots, their vehicle modes are smaller than their robot modes. It is the reverse with Vos. He is one HUGE sniper-rifle, albeit a really awesome looking one.

     Again, MasterMind Creations have done an amazing job of recreating his comic book design faithfully.

    With the rifle being the size it is, it’s hard to find bots that can actually wield Vos. MasterMind Creations shows that their Anarchus (aka. Kaon), is made to wield Vos, but I do not yet own Kaon so I can’t test this. However, I did manage to get Tarn to wield him relatively comfortably.


    Vos’ transformation is —like Tarn’s— a pleasure to do.

    Vos in his robot mode measures at around 5.5” inches, that is 14 cm. For comparison, here he is standing beside Tarn.

    I think MasterMind Creations were spot on with the height difference between the two.

    Now to the most fun part on this toy: the articulation. Vos has amazing range of movement, and thus a myriad of fantastic poses can be achieved with him. It’s probably because he is skinnier than most transformers, thus the possibility is lower of thick, clunky arms or legs catching on something when bent. But that’s my theory. I can’t tell why, but posing this little beauty is very easy and a lot of fun.

    The long rifle on his back can be removed, giving Vos his own sniper-rifle to wield.


    The paint work on Vos is perfect, with no errors or blemishes that I could find. Some of the paint is done in beautiful metallic shades, which I love very much, for it diminishes the plastic-y look of some of these toys.

    Highly accurate head sculpt. If you look closely, you can see that one of his optics is ever so slightly larger than the other. This is exactly how he is often drawn in the comic books as well.

    And just to keep it even more comic book accurate, he comes with a replacement head sculpt which lacks a face, plus his ‘removed’ face with all of the little drills and everything on the back of it. Delightfully creepy!

    Cynicus has become my second most loved TF figure in my collection, topped only by G-Creation’s REBEL (IDW Prowl), whom I shall review soon.







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