ArtRage paintings

   ArtRage is a really fantastic little app for Android, that I use almost constantly. It’s an app geared at people with a Samsung Note Tab or Phone, because it takes great advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the Note pen, but I believe it can be used with fingers as well, easily enough, though I myself have never tried it that way.

   Until now, ArtRage is the best app I could find for painting, because it enables the user to use a variety of tools that mimic traditional mediums, like pencils, felt tip pens, watercolours and oil paint —my favourite by far.

   When I am waiting between lectures at uni it’s the perfect tool for me to pass the time.

   Here are the latest examples of paintings I did using ArtRage on my Galaxy NotePro tablet:

A quick doodle of the main character Lucien, from the manga I am illustrating, called, written by Raythe Reign.
The Archangel Michael, from my fictional story.
King Thranduil, as portrayed by Lee Pace, from The Hobbit trilogy.
Azazel, as played by Jason Flemyng, from the film, X-men: First Class.


   As with everything, the more practice, the better I get at using this app intuitively, and thus achieving better quality. I am quite happy with how the latest piece (Azazel) turned out.

   I have only ever used ArtRage for Portrait painting, but I’ve seen some fantastic landscape and still-life works done with it as well. It’s truly a superb little app and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves drawing/painting.


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